Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day

I thought that I would write about what I am going to do for labor day. Usally for me labor day means that I will be doing lots of laboring!!

My wife has a hobby raising Chickens! yes, that's right I said Chickens. I on the other hand end up building the laying boxes, dividing the chicken house for the different types of chickens that she has and that can't get along with each other. I also get to build a chicken tractor and that is not a tractor that chickens ride on to do farm work. I really think that buying eggs in a grocery store would be a lot easier and less expensive! I now know why some chickens lay the "Golden Egg" that is to pay for their room and board.

Well, enough about chickens for now, I will write tomorrow and give you the full details that you are longing to hear about, right?

Joey's message today was great and made me start to think about going on a misson trip to Missisippi to help rebuild. Just something that I need to pray about for now.

The kids were acting up a little bit in church today, fighting over who get's to put their arm on the arm rest. They are 8 and 12 and sometimes they act like such children. I always give them a quiz on what the sermon was about when they act up in church and my little Emily always say's the same thing; "Jesus and God" but today she said something different, she said; "Love and going" and I guess she heard what Joey said about we must go out into the world to tell people about Jesus. Sometimes I wish I still had a mind like a child(don't ask my wife) because they can not even pay attention and still come up with the right answers, ya gotta love'em.

I have covered a lot of subjects in this blog, I don't know if you're supposed to or not but I did and that's that.

Good night!

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