Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Thank Goodness Labor Day is over!!

I did not realize that they made a holiday to do Hard Labor on. When I was on my journey yesterday building the Chicken tractor, which I will get to later, I saw dozens of people out shopping at Lowe's for lumber to build something, mowing the lawn, cleaning up around the outside of the house, etc.

Does anyone or did anyone just take the day off of work to just relax, cookout, hangout with our neighbors or are our lives so busy that we have to use the holiday to catch up on all the work that we have not had time to do? I for one am a very busy person, I have a Full-time job, a part-time job doing side work and another part-time job doing my Copper work getting ready for the fall shows and I have a family that I have to make time for too. Why are we all so busy? We have new technology that is supposed to make our lives much easier but does it really or does it just make more time that we cram other things into that we should be filling with family and friends and most importantly God.

I am guilty of this also, we are living in hard times now and it is hard just to make "ends meat" and I for one am doing all that I can to do, just hoping that it will ease up soon. I am the sole provider for my family so if I don't work then we don't eat. I look around and see all the stuff, junk, whatever you want to call it and think to myself, did technology make my life more pleasent or just fill it with more junk?

I know that there are two sides to every coin but wouldn't it be nice to be at a cabin somewhere, get up in the morning with a cup of Confluence Coffee and just sit on the porch in a rocking chair, watch the sunrise on a crisp cool morning and just sit and talk to God? Sorry, I must have been day dreaming, back to reality Joe.

Now that I have strayed away from the subject I will get back to the Chicken Tractor story. Well, I started yesterday off with having some sort of idea, with no plans on how big it was going to be with my wife saying that she showed me a hundred pictures, none of which had Any dimensions on it. I had no idea of how much lumber or what hardware I needed so I proceeded in sketching out a plan and then getting off to Lowe's. I bought the supplies that I thought needed and headed home, after picking up some Frosties from Wendy's. I then proceeded to build the bottom frame then I was stuck. I have 6-2x4's and 3-1x4's now I have to figure out what I am going to make from the wood that I have, I have a general design but I don't have a clue of what size it needs to be so I cut a 2x4 in half to see if that looked right, then I called for the forman or forwoman over to give me my opinion and it was great. I then proceeded to cut the pieces one at a time with all these complex angles since it was a triangle shape but not a true triangle and put them together. Well, this went on until about 9:00 last night and all that I have left to do is put the roof on and then she will have a movable chicken house with no bottom in it that she can take the chickens out to new places and new adventures.

That's my chicken story and I sticking to it.

Must get to work!!

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Jason said...

Well I'll be! Look who else is out here blogging away. Welcome to blog world. I'm still feeling my way along too. Keep it up - everything looks great. I'll add a link to yours on my site.

Take care!