Sunday, September 21, 2008

Karoke winners at Confluence

Here are the two winners of Karoke night at Confluence. Emily Owens took First place when she sang, " I can only imagine" and Josh took Second place. Both are very talented singers and did a Great Job. I am so proud of Emily because she was so scared to sing in front of people. This was the first time that she has sang in front of anyone and apparently everyone thought that she did Great!! I know she did but that is my biased opinion since she is my daughter.

The place was packed tonight and everyone had a great time!! If you were not there then you Missed it!!! The place was packed with lots of talented singers and some not so talented but they had a blast trying!! Lots of great laughs, Wes is one crazy character!!

Well, it's late and we have church tomorrow, can't wait, so I must turn in for the night. I will post more later, God Bless and see ya at church!!
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