Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Well, it's been a while since I posted anything because I have been busier than a one legged man in a butt kickin' contest so I will try to update on what's been going on.

Well first I will give you a Chicken update. Three of the chickens are laying eggs and we ate some last night for supper, they were really good or maybe it was just because my wife is a great cook.
We will start selling eggs soon, they should sell for about $49.95 per dozen so get your orders in now!

On Sat., we sat up Carolina Copper creations for a show in Clemmons and it was a rainy mess! I bought a enclosed trailer on Wed. and pulled it home in the rain. On Friday I loaded it up in the rain and on Sat. we unloaded in the rain, set up in the rain, sold in the rain and then the rain stopped for about 1 hour. Then when the show was over it started raining again so we loaded the trailer back up in the rain and drove home in the rain. I love rain!! I thought about building an Ark, but figured that it would take too long since the rain had already begun.

I guess that I have always had rain in my life so I should be used to it by now. When Ann and I got married we had planned for an outdoor wedding. I built a gazebo for us to get married in( no roof) and we had the tents, tables and chairs ordered and at the house for the reception where we were to marry at. Can you guess what happened? Well, it rained so we had to move it to a church that morning. We drove to the mountains for our honeymoon in the rain too.
When our oldest son was born, it rained. When our youngest daughter was born, it rained.

Maybe it was a sign from God telling us that he has washed away all the bad in our lives and was preparing us for a new beginning and a closer walk with him. I don't know but I do know that I am closer to God and have a wonderful family that no rain can wash away. I am not saying that we have not had any "rainy" days in our lives but as long as we walk with Jesus we will eventually see the "sun."

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The Tucks said...

LOVE the rain post! Rain has been a constant in my life as well... on every important day so far. Both graduations, wedding, birth of both kids and the day we buried my Dad. I totally agree with you about the significance of it and I would think something was wrong if it didn't rain on a "special" day. Hope you guys are well and that the chickens keep layin!

We want to get in on the frequent buyers club for the discounted rate on the eggs. : )