Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chicken Tractor continued

Hi everyone,

I've had some requests for pictures of the Chicken tractor so here they are and I've included some pics of the "Big House" too. The Chicken tractor is the triangular shaped house with the small chicks inside and one photo is of the tractor with 2 large "Birds" inside.

Saturday we went and met our dealer and picked up some "chicks" in McDonald's parking lot in Clemmons, (they had a few less "nuggets" that day) but like a good drug deal everything went off without a "hitch." Kathy did call on the cell phone while the deal was going down but we recovered and the "chicks" was ours.

We then had to make it across the county line into Davidson County, thank goodness Sheriff Hege is not on patrol anymore or we probably would of gotten "busted." If we would of gotten pulled over for something then they would of known what was going on because there was no way that we could ever of been able to "mask" the smell. I turned the AC off and rolled down the windows but that did not help much, it just moved it around so that we all could smell it.

Well, we finally made it to the "drop off" point without passing out from the poisonous gas and then I proceeded back to putting the finishing touches on the Chicken Tractor. We then outfitted the movable Chicken tractor with an Electric Fence mounted to the bottom frame of the tractor. If something does penetrate the Electrified fence then the Chicks have a "safe house" within the compound fully equipped with a hinged draw bridge ramp, so intruders will have a hard time getting these Chicks. They also have a feeding trough and plenty of water, enough to last for several days in case of a "lock down."

After the Chicks were inserted into their new Cell, I was observing them from the lookout tower and I did see a couple of "chick" fights out in the "yard." The biggest one, with the white fur coat, was "pecking" on the little red headed one but she was standing her ground and did not back down. I would say that, that was one tough "chick." The other little black chick is just flighty, she just runs around like a chicken with their head cut off, oops, sorry honey, and just flys back and forth from the "cell" to the "yard." That one has way too much energy, maybe someone put something in her food, we may never know.

These chicks have come to a loving compound where they are loved and well taken care of but someday soon they will have to do their part and lay their own eggs because they have to learn that we are not going to do everything for them. Sometimes you have to give them "tough love" or they will grow up and be lazy and you know what happens to lazy chickens.....

Well...... around here they will just be loved and cuddled.

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The Tucks said...

Hilarious!!! You have done an eggs-elent job on the tractor!!!

Love your posts and sense of humor. It has been a joy to connect with your family at The River and we are blessed to know each of you! Have a great week- see you soon!